Fundador Supremo 12YO

Fundador is the first Jerez brandy in the world

Fundador brandy was created in 1874, when the chief technologist unexpectedly found a cask in which an insolvent customer's distillate was stored and discovered an amazing liquid in it.

It is patiently aged for many years in American oak casks that once housed older SHERRY wines until it reaches its maximum and refined maturity.

This process is included in the Jerez-Consejo Regulador Regulation on Geographical Designation.

FUNDADOR Supremo 12

Brandy Solera Gran Reserva is obtained from wines specially selected for distillation. Aged in Sherry Casks previously seasoned with 12-year-old Pedro Ximénez.

Name:Fundador Supremo 12YO
Category:Cognac & Brandy