Ouzo 12

OUZO 12 is a brand with a long history and traditions, mild taste and unique aroma. Every sip of it reminds us of warm and sunny Greece. OUZO 12 was created in 1880 at the Kaloyanis brothers' distillery in Istanbul, and the name comes from cask No. 12, which stored the richest flavor and aroma of ouzo. Years later, Kaloyaninis moved their business to Thessaloniki and thanks to its distinctive features, OUZO 12 quickly became famous throughout Greece and far beyond its borders. Today it is one of the most preferred aniseed drinks in the world.

OUZO 12 owes its flavor to specially selected anise, selected herbs and seeds, and double distillation. It is most often consumed diluted with ice and water. Enjoy it, depending on the occasion, in combination with salads, hors d'oeuvres, seafood delicacies, main courses or desserts.

And don't forget, pleasant company and moderate consumption are most important! Cheers!

Name:Ouzo 12