Cenote Reposado Tequila

Cenote - important facts

Ø   100% pure Weber Blue Agave Tequila

Ø   With numerous awards from national and international competitions

Ø    The distillery is located closest to the Jalisco volcano

Ø    It uses volcanic water seeped through the ground and extracted from a shallow artesian well

Ø    It is filtered through a proprietary coconut fiber filter and ionized with Mexican silver

Ø    All variants are aged in small ex-bourbon oak barrels (up to 200 liters) for a minimum of 21 days.

Ø    It has a mild taste, a slightly salty taste, no smokiness

Ø    Eco-certified distillery with solar panels that produce 60% of the facilities power

Ø   Created by Arturo Fuentes, called the "godfather of tequila", who works side by side with master blender Alejandro.

CENOTE REPOSADO is aged in lightly charred barrels because we believe the process should enhance, not dominate, the natural flavors of the agave. Using this type of barrel makes the color lighter. Cenote™ Reposado is aged for 3 months in ex-bourbon American oak barrels. The result is a perfect balance of refined vanilla, wood and spice flavors, with freshly brewed agave and green vegetal notes.


Nose: Balanced, with vanilla and woody notes

Taste: Vanilla, wood, spices, cooked agave and green vegetables

Finish: Harmonious and balanced

Name:Cenote Reposado Tequila
Category:Tequila & Mezcal