Campari is the most famous aperitif in the world, embodying the Italian style since 1860. Its sophisticated and multi-layered like its hometown Milan - a mixture of modernity and deep history, classics and avant-garde, business dynamics, creativity and carefree hedonism.

The recipe (which is a secret to this day!) is the result of a harmonious combination of bitter herbs, aromatic plants, fruits and water, which give it a sparkling red color, an inspiring aroma and a delicious bitterness.

That is exactly why Campari is an extremely "flexible" element in countless cocktails, among which stand out the classics Negroni and Americano, entered in the official register of the International Bartender Association. Ladies often also fall in love with the light versions of Campari Spritz and Campari Tonic, and Campari is the basis of the new, so-called "bitter" trend in cocktail making.

Whether you're drinking your Campari in a complex cocktail or simply mixed with a tonic with plenty of ice, the beautiful bright red bottle is an ever-necessary presence at your bar. As its current, more romantic definition goes:

"'Campari defines our modern times.'

Category:Aperitives & Bitters

Campari Negroni


30 ml Campari

30 ml Di Torino 1757

30 ml Larios 12 Gin


Take a double old fashioned glass and fill it with ice. Pour the ingredients and cool well, stirring continuously. Garnish with orange peel and serve with a smile.


Campari Spritz


90 ml Cinzano To Spritz

60 ml Campari

30 ml sparkling water


In a wine glass filled with ice, pour the sparkling wine, add the Campari and finally the soda. Mix very lightly and garnish with orange peel.