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Maxxium Bulgaria Ltd.

Maxxium Bulgaria is a strong and professional trade partner with one of Bulgaria’s most diverse and finessed collection of spirits and wines. This allows us to be a partner of choice. We offer a one stop shop, single points of contact in combination with a large assortment. Due to our size we enjoy great economies of scale both within the trade as well as in our supply chain.

We aim to continue to build the brands of our partners by increasing their visibility and availability in combination with effective activations. We try to do so at a very competitive cost, freeing up extra investments behind the brands.

We believe that understanding the final consumer is crucial in brand building this is why we aim to gather more consumer insight every day.

Company profile

Our strong marketing, sales and distribution capabilities offer excellent opportunities to grow a wide range of spirits and wine brands. We offer independent brand owners a highly effective and efficient route to market for their premium imported spirits and wines. We also offer a solid platform for launching new brands as well as line extensions into the Bulgarian market.

In our 16 years of existence we have proven to be able to deliver great success to our brand owners as well as our customers. Our key aim for the future is to enlarge this success by continued dedication to our brands.

You can get to success in many ways but for us the most important success factor is the dedication, passion, commitment, skill set and enthusiasm of all our employees

Corporate Values

Maxxium Bulgaria is a young and dynamic company active in the rapidly changing industry of spirits and wine. Our flexible organization embraces change, innovation and original approaches. Thanks to a very flat structure we are very flexible, fast and have a pragmatic “can do” culture. Obviously all our devotion has the aim to deliver superior service, knowledge and brand experiences to the final consumers and our clients.

As we manage many brands from various worldwide brand owners we have become a very effective and experience team player in successfully managing our relationships.

Corporate Culture

Customers and in the end consumers are key to our organization and the key to our success.

Our aim is simple: 100% customer satisfaction.

Extraordinary performance

Maxxium Bulgaria always want to be best in all we do. In order to get there we set ourselves challenging targets both company wide as well as via individual targets. These targets range from clear sales and distribution targets for our sprits and wines brands to very specific visibility and availability targets which we set and mange via our sophisticated trade segmentation models.

Our People

Maxxium aims to recruit and retain the best people in the industry. As we have a unique cooperation with our clients and partners it is essential to operate as a team, to embrace innovation and to be able to effectively implement change. All our employees are stimulated to be both critical yet flexible, not only in the way they think but also in the way they act.

Develop and reward talent

Our people are our core asset. This is why we put great envisage on developing our people. We do this by empowering them and setting strict individual targets. Employees that consequently deliver exceptional performances are of key essence to the current and future success of our company.