Sari Zeybek Original

Sari Zeybek has been producing raku (or "raki") aged in oak barrels for years, and today we are pleased to present a new bottle design and two new flavors!

No sugar is added during production and there is no gluten. "Sari Zeibek" offers a new experience, by uniquely blending the characteristics of different types of oak, as well as using the solera method for the first time in the production of crab. Sari Zeybek Original is produced according to an original recipe, without added sugar and long aging in wooden barrels.

It is produced from 100% grape distillate and anise from the Teffenni region. Double distilled in copper stills.

It has aromas of toasted bread and vanilla, as a result of aging in oak barrels, and pairs well with seafood, grilled fish, octopus and calamari.

Name:Sari Zeybek Original